Summary of Learning Project

January 2013 I began the pursuit of a Masters of Education Administration degree. Ten classes later, I find myself reaching the completion of this goal. Many things have changed for me professionally and personally during these past number of years. I have learned a lot, gained a great deal of experience, and met numerous fellow educators and friends. I have spent countless hours lugging my computer and textbooks to hockey rinks, basketball courts, and baseball diamonds – in fact, I am composing this blog post in “Dog River” as my son plays the Rouleau Ramblers.

As this chapter of my life draws to a close I have allowed my mind to wander to the activities I have been missing and hope to once again enjoy now that my Masters is complete. When Alex told us we would be asked to complete a Summary of Learning which identifies the major take-aways we have gained through EC&I 830, I had mountain biking on my mind. As I began to look at the class syllabus, I started to see relationships between the course content and a mountain bike ride at Wascana Trails. This assignment proved to be the perfect opportunity to try out my newly acquired GoPro while fitting in some scarce riding time – what great homework!

At times tongue-in-cheek (with some really cheesy acting), the following 10 minute video summarizes my experience in EC&I 830. I apologizes for the slightly longer than suggested length, but I needed to include an introduction component to “set the stage” and identify some of the parallels between this class and a bike ride. The video also includes a thank you section to my family, for the support they have shown me in helping me achieve my goal.

Thanks to Katia and Alec for being excellent instructors and for moderating some great debates. To my classmates, thanks for all of the comments and feedback. It has been a great learning experience.


8 thoughts on “Summary of Learning Project

  1. Awesome summary of learning Dean!! I can’t imagine the time it took to think about the analogy and lay it all out with the videos and pictures. You must have some experience with movie maker or some other program? Great job!


  2. Excellent summary Dean, and congrats on completing your final class! I hope you get plenty of time for enjoyable activities this summer!


  3. Congratulations Dean!!! What a journey it is to complete your masters. I’m looking forward to joining you on the other side later in the summer and can totally relate to our dreams of having more time. I always love a good analogy and you’ve done an excellent job of relating it to a mountain bike ride. I appreciate the time and effort that you put into organizing the video and adding the narration and audio!!! Very well done!


  4. Congratulations on completing your Masters! Love the analogy and how original this idea was. The music had me engaged instantly. Well done on the editing and video, Dean! Best of luck in the future!


  5. Wow Dean! This is great! It is quite thorough, yet very understandable and easy to follow. I agree with the other people who have commented thus far; it must have taken you so long to compile all the video and editing together into one cohesive video. Very well done! Congrats on your final Master’s class!


  6. Thanks for all of the positive feedback. I was fortunate to have some previous knowledge about iMovie so that definitely cut down on some work time. Once I decided on a theme, it was just a matter of collecting screen captures from each of the weekly debates and resources all of you posted. I can honestly say it was a fun assignment to complete. I am looking forward to taking a look how others chose to approach this assignment too.

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